How to Ship a Car From One State to Another State

When you purchase a car from another state or looking to move to another state, look no further and let Car Shipping Carriers guide you through you’re car shipping experience. Shipping a car from one state to another can be stressful if not dealt with properly. This is where Car Shipping Carriers comes in. Each of our representatives have numerous years of experience in the car shipping industry. Here are a few things you need to look for in a company so your car shipping experience goes as smooth as possible.

Who To Choose

When you start looking online for a car shipping company to ship your vehicle, check out a few different websites. Read up on what they have to say, learn about the company a bit, and check out their car shipping reviews. Give a few different companies a call and get a few different car shipping quotes. You generally should NOT go with the lowest quote, but you don’t have to go with the highest either. Make sure you talk to the rep and ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable.

When choosing a car shipping broker you need to look for a company that is there for you over anything else. Make sure they make you feel comfortable about having them ship your vehicle. This is a difficult experience for some people. You are giving up your vehicle to a complete stranger, you want someone who you feel you can trust and will deliver your vehicle in the same condition it was when they picked it up.

Once A Company Is Chosen

This industry works on a couple of days notice so you might not have an actual car hauler established until a day or two prior to the pick up of your vehicle. Keep in touch with the company you chose and they should give you updates on the progress.

Once the car shipper is established, you will know the days and time frame that you vehicle will be picked up and delivered. If you want an update on the status of the transport you can call your car shipping broker you chose or the driver himself. Get an update if you need.

Why Car Shipping Carriers

The difference that sets Car Shipping Carriers from the rest of the pack is that we do care about you and your shipping needs. We give out our own personal cell phone number so you can get a hold of us at nearly any hour. That means nights, weekends, during the day, etc. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and if any questions or concerns arise, let us know. We don’t look at your shipping as a one time transaction. We want to make sure we build a lasting relationship so if you or a friend/relative ever needs to ship their car you will refer them to us because we treated you right the first time.

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